Spring Ahead: Time to include some beautiful clocks to your home

Spring Ahead: Time to include some beautiful clocks to your home

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Are you getting ready to move your clocks forward – spring ahead? For those of you who live in Arizona or Hawaii or Saskatchewan, Southampton Island, Nunavut, Quebec’s north shore and Peace River Regional District, B.C., all I have to say is

Lucky bastards!

The older I get, the more I detest the time change.  I find it takes me a week to adjust back to the ‘normal’ time when we travel and there is a 3 to 4+ hour time difference!

Summer must be right around the corner if we are getting ready to spring ahead. I’m challenging my inner self to look at the positive. What I love about the time change is being able to change the time on clocks!  A little secret you may not know about me? I love clocks and watches. It’s my ‘thing’. Some people have a shoe thing or purse thing – I have a clock/watch thing. I actually have a dedicated Pinterest board for them. Let’s look at a few examples of some pretty, pretty clocks!

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Decorate with Clocks: Oversized Wall Clocks

I am a total sucker for large clocks.  I mean, the bigger the better!  Here are some that caught my eye.

This 60″ clock below is huge! You would definitely need some serious wall space!

What more can I say about this cute pink clock?

spring ahead
I have this one in my home.

spring ahead
I have this one in my home in a different colour.
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Having a large, oversized clock is an easy way to fill up some wall space. Any of the above clocks would make the time change, and spring ahead, more tolerable.

Decorate with Clocks: Table and Desk Clocks

It seems like we are moving away from traditional clocks. You know – the ones with a minute and hour hand? I am still a sucker for clocks and will use them where ever I can!

This little cutie below would be great on a bedside table.

This one with gold and a touch of black…..yummy!

The clock below is just so simple, yet stunning.

This vintage-looking clock below could add a little pop of colour and decor to your space.

Decorate with Clocks: Coffee and End Tables

Clocks are not just for the walls or a flat surface.  There are some really neat coffee and end table clocks as well (including one that I own and is located in my office).  A few ideas listed below.

Could you spring ahead with this side table?

I love how an accent or side table can be a piece of art like the above.

I have a Pinterest board where I have pinned ideas around decorating with clocks and around clocks.

Decorate with Clocks

Clocks are one way where function and pretty are combined. Adding a clock is one way that I love to help clients decorate a space.  The only downfall?  The more clocks you have, the more clocks you need to adjust the time when you spring ahead!

I’d love to know your thoughts on clocks.  Do you have a favorite?  Do you have one that caught your eye that you couldn’t leave the store without?

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