Exactly how many decisions need to be made in a powder room?

This past week, I’ve been designing a powder room for an upcoming refresh project for my clients. Powder rooms are typically a half-bath meaning they have vanity and a toilet. So really, there’s nothing special about them and they’re typically not a huge space. I was once told by a good friend and colleague of

Bathroom Measurements: What the plumber will need to know.

I’m getting for a new project to start.  This project is an entire basement redevelopment that includes a bathroom.  As I prepare for this renovation to start, I am also getting ready for the trades to come in during their scheduled dates and times.  When it’s time for the plumber to arrive, they will need

Lighting Your Bathroom

As some of you may know, I’m currently working on a number of bathroom designs for upcoming renovations.  When I start the design process, I always look at function first, and then how to make that function pretty.  Adding lighting to your bathroom design falls under both function and pretty.  Task lighting falls under the ‘function’ part