Bathroom Designs: When asking ahead can save you a headache

I have my head knee deep in bathroom designs these days. Right now, I’m working on A master bathroom and a fun powder room for one family. Another master bathroom, master closet, main bath, and the addition of a main floor laundry space for another family. In both instances, I did something that I’ve learned

Bathroom Measurements: What the plumber will need to know.

I’m getting for a new project to start.  This project is an entire basement redevelopment that includes a bathroom.  As I prepare for this renovation to start, I am also getting ready for the trades to come in during their scheduled dates and times.  When it’s time for the plumber to arrive, they will need

Renovation Costs: What’s It Going to Cost Me?

When I meet potential clients for the first time to discuss an upcoming renovation, I typically get asked about renovation costs.  I get the following question:  “So what is this going to cost me?”   While I would love to just toss out a number, there are so many variables and factors that it simple