Exactly how many decisions need to be made in a powder room?

This past week, I’ve been designing a powder room for an upcoming refresh project for my clients. Powder rooms are typically a half-bath meaning they have vanity and a toilet. So really, there’s nothing special about them and they’re typically not a huge space. I was once told by a good friend and colleague of

Renovation Packages: What exactly are you getting?

I am a member of a couple of Interior Design forums and groups. In these groups, we provide each other support, mentorship, and learning opportunities. In one of my groups, a member shared a new renovation company that has recently started up in New York. This company provides bathroom renovation packages. Since I design and

Bathroom Layout: Swinging Single

I was fortunate and blessed to be able to work with my clients for a second time – this time getting their master bathroom updated.  When I started to work on this bathroom layout project, I immediately started brainstorming what I would call this project (as I do like to name all my projects).  With

You’re not ready to pick out tile when…

Last week I was shopping for tile for a couple of clients.  I visited three of my trade tile sourcing stores and in all three stores, there were people shopping who were sent by their contractor to pick out tile for their space(s). I always find it interesting when I go sourcing and run into people

The Olympic Bathroom Renovation Choices

When I start working with clients, I like to always try my very best to give them two options for their space.  I have recently started to work with a lovely couple who are looking to renovate their master bathroom and refresh their main bathroom.  I brought in a plumber right away to know exactly

Planning Your Shower Renovation

This past week I was very fortunate to attend a Kohler educational event hosted by Robinson Bath and Lighting on spa inspired shower solutions. Please note, this is not a sponsored post.  The opinions in the blog are my own thoughts from this learning event.  I have been specifying Kohler faucets, bathtubs, toilets, etc. since I stared

Bathroom Layout Plans

I’ll be the first to admit this:  I’m a visual person.  When I go to a client’s home and see the space they wish to renovate, I immediately start forming pictures in my mind.  I start digesting the things I hear my clients talk about for their wishes for their new space.  If you could

Master Bath Reveal: From Wonky to Wonderful!

As you may be well aware, I love to name my projects.  When I first had a chance to see this master bathroom, I was amazed at how many wonky corners it had.  Due to the corners, I named this bathroom renovation: ‘The Wonky Bathroom‘.  Below are a couple of before images of just how