Master Bathroom Vanity Design: How we came to the final design

When it comes to working with clients on their master bathroom vanity design, there are many things we discuss and investigate: The first item we talk about is the ‘pain point’ of their existing space. What do my clients like and dislike with their current situation? What is the hope/dream for the new master bathroom

Mixing fixture brands in a bathroom: Should I do it?

When the functional design is all solidified and the time comes to start choosing the pretty, mixing fixture brands is a common question that is asked by clients. Is it ok to mix brands in one space? Starting Oct. 1, I will be starting two bathroom remodels and this was the exact question that my

Bathroom Measurements: What the plumber will need to know.

I’m getting for a new project to start.  This project is an entire basement redevelopment that includes a bathroom.  As I prepare for this renovation to start, I am also getting ready for the trades to come in during their scheduled dates and times.  When it’s time for the plumber to arrive, they will need

The Olympic Bathroom Renovation Choices

When I start working with clients, I like to always try my very best to give them two options for their space.  I have recently started to work with a lovely couple who are looking to renovate their master bathroom and refresh their main bathroom.  I brought in a plumber right away to know exactly

Bathroom Layout Plans

I’ll be the first to admit this:  I’m a visual person.  When I go to a client’s home and see the space they wish to renovate, I immediately start forming pictures in my mind.  I start digesting the things I hear my clients talk about for their wishes for their new space.  If you could

What Goes Into a Design Plan?

I’m currently pulling together a design plan for a master bathroom renovation project. When working closely with my clients, I work in phases to ensure they are getting everything they desire in their space.  How do I do that?  I have a 2 part process to ensure nothing is missed. Design Plan: Part One This