Are You Ready To Shed This Spring?

Just after my hubby and I got married, we built a very small bungalow (our very first home) and soon after that, our first child was born. When I say we didn’t have a pot to pee in, we really didn’t have a pot to pee in! New house, new baby, both of us working

You’ll Have Sweet Dreams If You Follow These 3 Bedroom Staging Tips

Bedrooms are intensely personal spaces, which makes them especially important areas to concentrate on during the staging and selling process. Potential buyers should be able to imagine themselves sleeping peacefully in your bedroom(s). In a previous post, I talked about having a vision for your bedroom(s). In that post, HOW DOES THE STUFF YOU OWN LET

How to sell your home for “Top dollar in 21 days or less”!

You may think that this statement is an advertisement from a Realtor to get his or her phone to ring… but there are four ways to shorten your days on market and sell for top dollar. Plan ahead Repair and maintain the exterior of your home and property when the weather allows.  Fence repair, yard

Simple Spring Changes For Your Home

I had some shopping to do today for a client and happened to be in one of my favorite stores – IKEA.  Although is was quiet in the store, there were many renovations going on.  Departments have been moved to different areas, new stock had arrived and the old stock was on sale!  Yesterday, I

Garage Sale Season

‘Tis the season for garage sales.  Every weekend there seems to be a ‘Parade of Garage Sales’ happening in different communities across the city.  Some people think that garage sales are a waste of time however, I would beg to differ.  IF you have a fairly good pile of ‘stuff’ to get rid of, having