Kitchen cabinet hardware: 5 things to consider for your kitchen

When it comes to designing kitchens, the majority of the focus typically revolves around the function. But once the function has been all planned out, then it’s time to turn that function into a pretty functional space. When it comes to kitchen cabinet hardware, there are 5 key areas that I help my clients with.

Designing a Kitchen: How do I ensure function first?

When I work with clients to start designing a kitchen for them, there are many questions that are asked to get to know more about their existing space. What I typically like to do is a walkthrough through the entire main floor or the level where the kitchen is located. Sometimes, we will also tour

3 Steps to choosing kitchen cabinet hardware

This past week, there was great progress in our Coastal Vibe project.  The kitchen cabinets were installed as well as all of the hardware for the cabinets.  As you may know, for this project we are using IKEA cabinets and making some customizations to not make it look like an IKEA kitchen.  Part of the

A new kitchen design: Moving from the old to the new

It’s not often that I get asked to design one space in an entire renovation.  But when another designer (as well as my friend) asked me to help her with colours, I was excited to help her out.  When I arrived at the home, the discussion revolved around wall colours to go with the fixed elements

Designing A Dream Home

I am so lucky to be working with an amazing lady in designing a dream home for her and her husband.  I met Betty (her real name has been changed) at the Calgary Home + Design Show.  The minute Betty and I (and her daughter) started to talk, I knew we would be a good fit.  We

Kitchen Measurement Must Haves

I’m starting to work with new clients who will be undergoing a massive main floor and basement renovation.  We’re starting to work on planning the main floor first as the basement is undeveloped and we will need to move some plumbing for the new kitchen.  Having an unfinished basement will make that task easier. Right

Kitchen Renovation: The Heart of the Home

When it came time to put together a plan for my house renovation project, I knew that we would be adding a new kitchen renovation as well.  When we built our home thirteen years ago, we loved the floorplan that our builder provided as it was an open plan concept.  When we built our home, our oldest was