5 Steps to Stay on A Renovation Budget

When I start to work with clients, the dreaded renovation budget question comes up.  I say it’s the dreaded question because most people really don’t know what things cost to renovate.  There are some that also don’t want to be honest with the budget for fear that the entire budget will be spent. So how

Kitchen Renovations: What Are My Options?

When it comes to discussing a kitchen renovation, I like to give my clients as many options as I can.  Now every client and every situation is different.  There is always a budget to consider, the state the cabinets are in, as well as the functionality of the existing kitchen.  So what exactly are your

Preparing for a Renovation: The Rollercoaster of Emotions

When it comes to renovating, there are definite ups and downs, highs and lows. In my experience, it’s best to mentally prepare yourself.  What exactly are the emotions in a renovation? Preparing for a Renovation I kid you not, there are a variety of emotions when dealing with a renovation.   Preparing for a Renovation:

Renovation Expectations – What Are Yours?

I am not going to make excuses for what I did.  I am not going to lose any more sleep.  I am not going to stop eating due to being sick to my stomach.  I am not going to regret what I did.   What exactly did I do? I fired a client.   In the

September is a Great Time to Fall In Love With Your Home

When I think of September I think of the season of Fall/Autumn.  And what better way to start September than to fall in love with your home. Fall In Love With Your Home Fall Decorating I’m a huge fan of yellow (as that is my favourite colour) so it’s no surprise that I love the colours

Navigating Your Renovation Budget

When considering a renovation, there typically comes a time when compromises need to be made.  Unless you have an abundant supply of money to renovate,  there is only so much you can do.  This held true for our recent home renovation.  My mantra throughout this entire renovation project was: This is not my forever home.

Have a Plan

I’ve just completed the 6 Weeks To Fall In Love With Your Home Webinar Series.  This was the first time that I have run a 6 week series and the first time I’ve ever held a webinar.  There was, of course, a learning curve with hosting a webinar but all in all, I hope that

Hopes and Dreams for 2015

Now that Christmas has come and gone, all that everyone seems to be talking about now is goal setting for 2015. As I look back at my business year of 2014, I am feeling truly blessed. I have worked with so many nice clients and as a result, have made new life-long friends. When I

The Gift of Love

I consider myself very fortunate.  Every month, I meet with two other business owners to brainstorm ideas for our businesses.  Boy,  is it ever easy to come up with ideas for other people!   We talk about everything including who we are marketing to, how to grow our business, what our strategy is going to be

The Domino Effect

Have you ever played dominos before? It’s so fun to line them all up and then knock the first one over and watch the others fall. Image credit This is an amazing display of falling dominos! When I’m called in to help our clients fall in love with their homes, I typically see a domino