The Cost of Keeping Things – A Hoarding Story

October 27, 2011 Well, as many of you know we have been working on a hoarding home for quite some time now.  Here’s a quick review: We were called in July to help with the downsizing and de-cluterring of a home. The home owners moved into a retirement home and no one was living in

I Think I’ll Keep That

This week I have started to work on a house that is filled with ‘stuff’.  In fact, it’s a hoarding home filled with: memorabilia, un-opened items, clothes (new and old), antiques, and various items from the past.  To create a visual for you, imagine this:  when the front door opens and you walk through, there

Easily Distracted At Work – HELP!

I recently had a client who was in need of getting help with time management.  This client, I’ll call him Bob, had a typical work day filled with constant interruptions.   With the constant interruptions, Bob was ending up staying late to get his own work done and really starting to dislike his job. When

Viva Las Vegas – Concierge Tips!

We just got back from our family holiday spending one week in Las Vegas and I’ve got some great tips for you!    You might be wondering, “Las Vegas?!  Traveling with kids!”  Well, this is the third time my kids have been to Las Vegas and it happens to be one of their favorite spots. 

Decision Time – Hanging On To Your Posessions

Letting go of physical objects can be tricky.  For some,  objects have been passed down from generation to generation.  For others, it may be old love letters that are secretly stashed away under the stairs.  For others, is might just be the pair of jeans you’ll one day fit into.  No matter what the objects

What Works For Me May Not Work For You

When I start working with a client,it’s very important for me to get to know what kind of learner they are.  Why?  Knowing if someone is a more dominant left-brain thinker vs a right-brain thinker is extremely important when it comes to organizing.   Not sure if you’re left-brain or right-brain dominant?  There are a ton

Am I organized?

I get asked this question a lot!  Typically, when I start working with a client, I ask them what they envision for their space.  I also find out what they mean by ‘organized’.  Just as everyone has their own version of ‘clean’, people also have their own version of ‘organized’.  For some people, they wish

I Just Don’t Have Enough Time

I Just Don’t Have Enough Time I work a lot with female clients.  Some work from the home, some work in offices while others are stay-at-home moms.  One consistent message I continually hear is, “I just don’t have enough time.”  What seems to be happening is that the females carry on the responsibility of a

The Importance of Being Organized for Death

This past week was a tough one for myself and my family as we lost my dear Buba (my dad’s mom).  My Buba and I had a great relationship as I am only one of a total of three grand-kids.  You see, my dad only has one brother and he and his wife do not

Social Media Manager – What Can We Do For You?

It’s funny, I never really considered myself a Social Media Manager before until I recently took some courses on this very subject.  You see, I have a Twitter account, a Facebook account (one personal and one for our business), and a Linked In account.  I tweet regularly, update our Facebook and Linked In accounts regularly