Basement Development: Preparing for construction to start

When my husband and I built our current home, we were moving from a fully developed bungalow into a two-storey home.  We had developed our basement in our bungalow however in our new home, my husband was adamant that we were not going to do a basement development.  He felt we had plenty of room. 

Master Bath Reveal: From Wonky to Wonderful!

As you may be well aware, I love to name my projects.  When I first had a chance to see this master bathroom, I was amazed at how many wonky corners it had.  Due to the corners, I named this bathroom renovation: ‘The Wonky Bathroom‘.  Below are a couple of before images of just how

5 Steps to Stay on A Renovation Budget

When I start to work with clients, the dreaded renovation budget question comes up.  I say it’s the dreaded question because most people really don’t know what things cost to renovate.  There are some that also don’t want to be honest with the budget for fear that the entire budget will be spent. So how

Kitchen Renovations: What Are My Options?

When it comes to discussing a kitchen renovation, I like to give my clients as many options as I can.  Now every client and every situation is different.  There is always a budget to consider, the state the cabinets are in, as well as the functionality of the existing kitchen.  So what exactly are your

Why Pre Renovation Work is So Important

It’s the week of Christmas and although I’d love to be ‘winding down’ for the holidays, the truth is I’m gearing up for January!  With a number of projects that will be starting in January there’s no time to rest.  So what exactly is involved in getting ready?  There’s a ton of pre renovation work

Renovation Expectations – What Are Yours?

I am not going to make excuses for what I did.  I am not going to lose any more sleep.  I am not going to stop eating due to being sick to my stomach.  I am not going to regret what I did.   What exactly did I do? I fired a client.   In the

Where To Start With a Renovation

Helping clients and investors get their homes ready (either to sell, ready to rent or to live in) seems to have taken over my business these days.  Don’t get me wrong – I’m loving every minute of it!  Coming up and designing organized and efficient spaces that are not only functional, but look pretty –