Rustic Dreams: Renovation Journey

When I first started working with the family that owns this home, it was made clear that through this process, the first step and wish was to get a plan in place first.  They goal was to save money for the renovation and start the renovation when they were financially ready.  When you think of it,

Reach for the Sky: Main Floor Renovation Results

I am super excited to share this renovation with all of you as it not only is stunning, but it definitely was a work in progress.  What do I mean by that?  What I mean is that the first conversations that I had with my clients were in April of 2015!  Yes, that is not a

All I want for Christmas Santa: Kitchen Renovation Timeline

On October 17, 2106, I met my client to discuss a potential kitchen renovation.  One of the questions she asked me is, “Can I have a new kitchen before Christmas?”   As I’m a backwards planner I took a look at my calendar and quickly worked through a kitchen renovation timeline and thought:  It’s totally do-able,

Honey I’m Gone: Honey Oak Transformation Reveal

This past week, I was overjoyed to be able to bring my photographer, Ruth Skiffington Photography, to a home that has gone a complete honey oak transformation. Honey Oak Transformation The Big Picture When I first met my clients, they were ready to rid themselves of the honey oak that was all over their home.

A DIY Renovation Design Plan

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had a number of DIY (Do It Yourself) renovators looking to have a renovation design plan created.  While I did have a client who called me after a load bearing wall was removed (as they didn’t know it was a load bearing wall and this was a major

Transforming a Kitchen from Drab to Fab

When I first met my clients at the Calgary Home + Design Show they had stopped at the ‘Ask An Expert’ booth to ask me questions about their kitchen.  I got to hear about how there were not in love with their kitchen and how they did not love their fireplace that shared the space. 

Kitchen Renovations: What Are My Options?

When it comes to discussing a kitchen renovation, I like to give my clients as many options as I can.  Now every client and every situation is different.  There is always a budget to consider, the state the cabinets are in, as well as the functionality of the existing kitchen.  So what exactly are your

A Fresh Start Renovation: McKenzie Lake

I am delighted to present this renovation project that I’ve called “A Fresh Start“.  I gave this project this name as the entire house went through some kind of renovation and this family is truly getting a fresh start! A Fresh Start Renovation: Before I see a lot of these houses with a very similar