The Puzzle We Call Home

Have you ever tried to set a puzzle where you wanted a certain piece to go in one spot? And no matter how hard you tried, the piece just wouldn’t fit? Image credit If you really think about it, your home is a lot like a puzzle. There may be pieces of furniture that no

The Cost of Stuff

Over the past two weeks I have been involved with two downsizing projects. In both instances we hit a wall. We were faced with the ‘too much stuff’ problem. We ran out of room yet there were boxes that still needed to be unpacked. As much as I’d love to be a magician and create

Falling In Love With Your Home

Isn’t it funny how we remember certain things from our childhood?  Just recently I was barking something at my oldest child (he’s eighteen and I swear I think he’s turning six at times) and I caught myself.  I actually caught myself laughing.  You see, what I was barking at him was something my mom would