New Project: New Beginnings for a young couple

I have been working with a really nice couple who have just purchased their first new home. To add to all of the excitement, they are expecting their first baby in July. As I always like to name my projects, I’m calling this one ‘New Beginnings’ New Beginnings There are some big changes coming to

Reach for the Sky: Main Floor Renovation Results

I am super excited to share this renovation with all of you as it not only is stunning, but it definitely was a work in progress.  What do I mean by that?  What I mean is that the first conversations that I had with my clients were in April of 2015!  Yes, that is not a

Open Floor Plan: Come along this journey with me!

I am currently working on a new renovation project where I will be creating an open floor plan.  The home is a cute bungalow and is a flip property (meaning this home will be updated to sell) and is just over 1300 square feet.  When I first met my clients at the home, I knew this was going

Main Floor Renovation: Villa With A View

As you know, I love to give my projects a little nickname.  This main floor renovation project was no different and I’ve called this, “The Villa With The View“. I met my clients at the Calgary Home + Garden Show where I was at the Ask an Expert: Renovating booth. It was clear off the