Bathroom Designs: When asking ahead can save you a headache

I have my head knee deep in bathroom designs these days. Right now, I’m working on A master bathroom and a fun powder room for one family. Another master bathroom, master closet, main bath, and the addition of a main floor laundry space for another family. In both instances, I did something that I’ve learned

Master Bathroom: Wants, Wishes and Dreams

This past week I was working on a master bathroom design plan for clients.  My clients were great in letting me know some wants, wishes and dreams for their new space.  Here is the process I worked through with them to give you an idea of what it is like to work with an Interior

Tiling a Master Bathroom Shower

Have you ever thought of tiling, or retiling your shower?  When thinking about tiling a shower, there is actually a lot to think of. What tile would you like to use? What is the look you are going for? What’s it going to look like all put together? And the biggest one for me, how