An Organized Space: My top 3 tips to get it together

Ahhhh…..ringing in a new year always gets people creating New Year’s Resolutions or setting goals. Having an organized space is one request that tends to fall high on a list for many people. I find that I personally deal so much better when things are In their place. When there is no clutter. When there

Organize and Design Your Home

It was at this time last year that I was busy putting together a 6 week webinar series to help others organize and design specific spaces in their homes. The beauty of a webinar is that anyone can take the class at their convenience, at any hour of the day, wearing your P.J’s if you

Clean Up Your Computer!

Did you know January is Clean Up Your Computer month?  The great folks at SingleHop have created a 3-week “Clean Computer Calendar” designed to help you prioritize, organize and safely store files that are currently living on your hard drive.  If you’re not educated on using the cloud as a tool for cleaner hard drives, this might just get you started!

Hanging On vs Moving On: Downsizing

This entire month our focus has been on perspective shifting.  We’ve talked about: Getting ready to sell your home – the perspective of ‘my home’ vs ‘ a home (a product)’. Setting up a new home – the shift of perspective of ‘old’ vs ‘new’. De-cluttering – the shift of perspective of “holding on’ vs

Turn Your Dumping Rooms to Multipurpose Rooms

Do you find you have one room where you store things you find unnecessary or are keeping things to maybe use in your house yet you can’t throw them away? If you find yourself stuck in this situation, then think twice because that dumping room of yours actually holds a much higher value to be occupied wisely.

Before, During, and After: A Reno Project

August 29, 2014 was the first day I had a chance to see a townhouse that was in dire need of a facelift.  Our client had just purchased her townhouse and was desperately trying to fall in love with the townhouse.  The townhouse is in a fantastic location, the community is wonderful, but dealing with

Conquer Clutter in 1 Month!

We’re all guilty of hoarding a mixture of clutter over time that we just don’t sort out or throw away and actually don’t realise how much space in your home it takes up! Whether its books, papers, children’s toys and more it all builds up and not doubt at some point you’re going to have

What Can You Do About Sentimental Clutter Right Now

Since January, I have been extremely busy working with new clients fall in love with their spaces.  There’s just something about starting the year off fresh.  In many cases, during our time working together, the topic of ‘Sentimental Clutter’ seems to come up.  Since I don’t have a degree in psychology, I try and educate

How To Take Charge of Every Space

Does anyone else have an inside voice?  You know – that inside voice that you find either listening to or having a conversation with?  The one that might say, “You don’t really want to exercise, so don’t.  Take the day off.” “Go ahead.  Have that piece of chocolate.  You worked hard today.  You deserve it.”