Sneak Peek at a Project | We’re having some powder room planning fun

Powder room planning is always fun work, and this one is no exception! We’re getting ready to start a couple of bathroom renovations for clients and we’re super excited. These bathrooms were planned out prior to Covid so after waiting this out a bit, we’re now ready to begin! Since our original planning, we’ve changed

Powder Room – We’re packing a punch in this space

Last week, I wrote about a master bathroom that we are going to start in the new year. For this same family, we are also going to refresh their powder room. Powder Room As Is For this particular space, we are faced with a few challenges. There is a very tight angle that we need

Exactly how many decisions need to be made in a powder room?

This past week, I’ve been designing a powder room for an upcoming refresh project for my clients. Powder rooms are typically a half-bath meaning they have vanity and a toilet. So really, there’s nothing special about them and they’re typically not a huge space. I was once told by a good friend and colleague of