Managing Your Renovation: 5 Advantages

This summer is shaping up to be my busiest summer ever and for the most part, I am managing the renovations to go along with the design.  This past weekend I shared a scenario I ran into with a great group of designers.  I love having a design group to bounce ideas off of and

A DIY Renovation Design Plan

Over the past couple of months, I’ve had a number of DIY (Do It Yourself) renovators looking to have a renovation design plan created.  While I did have a client who called me after a load bearing wall was removed (as they didn’t know it was a load bearing wall and this was a major

Must See Bathroom Transformation: Powder Room & Main Bath

I am super excited to be sharing with you two bathroom transformations!  The home with these two bathrooms is going to be undergoing an entire transformation so we broke up the work into phases.  We started ‘Phase 1’ with these two bathrooms. Bathroom Transformation: Powder Room Here are a couple of before pictures of the powder

Kitchen Renovations: What Are My Options?

When it comes to discussing a kitchen renovation, I like to give my clients as many options as I can.  Now every client and every situation is different.  There is always a budget to consider, the state the cabinets are in, as well as the functionality of the existing kitchen.  So what exactly are your

Kitchen Renovation – Construction Phase

It’s been quite a week in my house.  Our kitchen renovation is in the construction phase so things have been pretty dusty. Organized Chaos As you all know, I’m an organized person so it didn’t surprise my family that I had organized our living during our reno. When I packed up my kitchen I decided

There’s Always A Way

You know the saying, Image credit Sometimes even the best laid plans can run into a curve ball.  That is exactly what happened with me during this basement renovation project.  The plan was as follows: The red circle area shows where the Office/Craft area is in this newly renovated basement.  The plan was to have

Love Your Home – Reno Update

It’s been a while since we updated this reno project.  While the majority of the home is complete, we are still waiting for some custom glass inserts to be installed for the stairs.  We’ll be having professional photos taken when it’s fully complete, but here’s a few snapshots of what it looks like. [Best_Wordpress_Gallery id=”10″

Before, During, and After: A Reno Project

August 29, 2014 was the first day I had a chance to see a townhouse that was in dire need of a facelift.  Our client had just purchased her townhouse and was desperately trying to fall in love with the townhouse.  The townhouse is in a fantastic location, the community is wonderful, but dealing with

From Dumping Ground to Family Zone

Erasing every trace of this basement’s former life took creative thinking and smart design touches.  This article was written by   by Becky Harris   Houzz Contributor. After years of this single father being on his own, his basement had become a dumping ground for unloved furniture and old toys. But when he and his children began