Five Things To Know About Renovations Budget

I’m making a list and checking it twice!  I feel a little bit like Santa as I am currently working on lists – the budget lists to be exact – for six upcoming renovations happening early in 2019. When it comes to navigating the budget, there are many ways to manipulate the numbers.  So how do

Keeping track during a renovation : A Sneak Peak at my Lists

This past weekend I went on a shopping trip with clients to solidify items for their renovation project.  I don’t typically work on the weekends however this project falls in the ‘special’ category.  What makes this project ‘special’?  This project is on a tight timeline as it is an investment property.  The quicker this property

5 Steps to Stay on A Renovation Budget

When I start to work with clients, the dreaded renovation budget question comes up.  I say it’s the dreaded question because most people really don’t know what things cost to renovate.  There are some that also don’t want to be honest with the budget for fear that the entire budget will be spent. So how