Reach for the Sky: Main Floor Renovation Results

I am super excited to share this renovation with all of you as it not only is stunning, but it definitely was a work in progress.  What do I mean by that?  What I mean is that the first conversations that I had with my clients were in April of 2015!  Yes, that is not a

All I Want for Christmas Santa is A New Kitchen

I’m so excited for today.  Today is a demolition day!  You may be thinking, “So close to Christmas?”  Oh yes baby – we’ve got 4.5 weeks from start to end to get this baby done. A New Kitchen The Planning Ms. Client was referred to me by some fantastic clients I worked with the past

A Fresh Start Renovation: McKenzie Lake

I am delighted to present this renovation project that I’ve called “A Fresh Start“.  I gave this project this name as the entire house went through some kind of renovation and this family is truly getting a fresh start! A Fresh Start Renovation: Before I see a lot of these houses with a very similar

Kitchen Renovation: The Heart of the Home

When it came time to put together a plan for my house renovation project, I knew that we would be adding a new kitchen renovation as well.  When we built our home thirteen years ago, we loved the floorplan that our builder provided as it was an open plan concept.  When we built our home, our oldest was

What’s Your Favorite Mood?

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m having a difficult time deciding on what colour to go with our new kitchen cabinets for our renovation. If I go with the white cabinets, our entire home’s foundation palette will be an off-white.  If I go with the cream cabinets, our entire home’s foundation palette will