Managing client expectations: My top 3 tips

I belong to a few interior design communities.  In these communities, we will often share our wins, discuss design dilemmas, discuss how we all run our own business, and of course, have many, many giggles and laughs!  Managing client expectations is a topic that comes up a lot. As I was looking at what other

4 benefits when you hire an Interior Designer

When I met my latest client, let’s call her Sally (not her real name),  she had a good sense of what she liked and didn’t like. What Sally struggled with was that she didn’t know how to pull everything together.  It was suggested to Sally that she hire an Interior Designer like myself by one

My Renovation Goal For You

It’s always a risk to post images on Social Media.  You’ll get some lovers and you’ll get some haters.  Case in point, I love to share my renovation projects with everyone.  It is my hope that people will be inspired to get ideas for their upcoming renovation projects and hopefully hire me to help them

What the Aloha Spirit Has Taught Me About Running My Business

Have you ever been to Hawaii?  If you’ve been following my blog, you may know that Hawaii happens to be my favourite destination.  Being born in the prairies, I’m not sure how I became such a beach girl but the minute we touchdown in Hawaii, I feel like I am home.  I especially love it

Working with an Interior Designer: My Top 3 Myths

A couple of weeks ago I had the opportunity to give a five minute talk about my business.  When I was putting together the presentation I decided to start with misconceptions of a Design Professional.  You know, the snobby bitchy type misconceptions that people may have.  After my presentation I had a couple of people