That White is Wrong

That White is Wrong

We’re just in the process of finishing up a basement renovation when I ran into a white snag!  Here is the mood board that I put together for my clients bathroom/laundry room combined area:
Erin and Rob Laundry Room/Bathroom Option #3

Image credit: Get It Together

In this first mood board that I presented, there are actually 2 counter choices and 2 colour choices.  In the top left-hand corner are the two counter choices for the laundry room: Rock of Ages and Cararra.  After seeing the samples and choosing the flooring, together we chose Rock of Ages.

This week was the install of the custom counter in the laundry room.  When we went to get Rock of Ages, it wasn’t readily available and this was the next best choice:

CounterImage credit: Get It Together

Although it may look close in this image, it is actually cream and brown.  What’s wrong with cream?  Nothing BUT the foundation palette for this reno is white so that makes this a problem!  So what did it look like?  It looked horrible.  I was left with a white laundry sink, crisp fresh colours with a dirty counter.  That was definitely a no-go.  Back to the drawing board we went!

So off we went to find another counter that would be closer to Rock of Ages.  Here was try #2.

counter #2

Image credit: Get It Together

Can you see how creamy (dirty) the counter looks against the white laundry sink and the white baseboards.  It looks horrible.  Could we have left that counter there and pretended it looked good.  Yes.  Did we?  Hell no.  Although I told Ryan that the counter was really beautiful, it had to go!  With making that decision, off I went to Home Depot to look at what they had in stock.  Everything that was in stock was cream – which still would give me a ‘dirty’ looking counter.  Here is what Rock of Ages looks like against white:


Image credit: Get It Together

With all the in-stock counters available, I ended up going with plain old white.  There was no other choice that was going to work that wouldn’t take away from the rest of the design of the laundry room.

laundry room counter

This was taken just after it was installed.  You would think picking out a white wouldn’t be so difficult however, with over 140 different shades of white (blue-white, true white, off-white and creams), it’s easy to make a mistake and choose the wrong white.  When it comes to design, don’t settle for the wrong white!

Professional photos of the entire basement will be taken in early April after all of the decorating has been completed so stay tuned!

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