The fine details of a kitchen design

The fine details of a kitchen design

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I’ve recently gone over the last step with my clients for their kitchen. We have just gone through the fine details of their kitchen design. What exactly does that mean?

Fine Details of a kitchen design

When I work with clients to design their kitchen, we discuss numerous questions. The entire focus of a new kitchen always revolves around function.

I am getting ready to embark on a very large project that is going to involve taking down an existing wall to create room for this wonderful, new kitchen and massive island. Here is the overall plan for the new kitchen.

Final renderings completed by Casa Flores Custom Cabinetry

Reviewing the Fine Details

When it comes to reviewing the fine details, together with the client, we look at elevation drawings of each wall and each side of the island. In those elevation drawings, we can clearly see what the cabinets are going to look like and make any last changes prior to signing off.

Elevation Drawings

Sink Wall

Here is the elevation drawing of the sink wall.

My client and I started with the base cabinets first. We then moved on to looking at the upper cabinets. It was in this elevation drawing that we saw that the pull out trash/recycling needed to be at least 22″ for the organizer that we are going to be using. That meant that the cabinet to the right will need to be a bit smaller.

We also looked at the upper cabinets. I am wishing to have the crown molding come across the sink (as the wall is inset there). However, I not only wish for the crown molding to come all the way over, I wish for that entire part of the wall to look like it is made of cabinetry.

I always find making my chicken scratch notes right on the elevation drawings is helpful for Casa Flores to understand the changes. And yes, my notes are not always neat, but they get the point across.

Refrigerator Wall

When we looked at the elevation drawing of the refrigerator wall, we also made some changes. There were certain ideas that my client thought she wanted until she saw the drawings. Here is the wall elevation with the details that were requested.

After going through the glass cabinet, in particular, there were many things that were changed.

There will no be no roll out trays in the glass cabinet (like my client thought she might like), roll out drawers and a hidden drawer were added to the base cabinet, and more lighting was added into the glass cabinet.


The island is a massive change for my clients as currently their island only seats 2 people. With a wall coming out, we are making room for one big-ass island that is both functional to work on, and functional to sit at for more than 2 people.

We only needed to make a few changes, with one being very significant to the entire island! While reviewing this with my client, she mentioned that she would like a thicker quartz edge. This was never brought up before so it caught me a bit off guard. This was one of the inspirational images my client sent.

Designer: Mary Skurecki

Having a double-thick edge is something you definitely need to know prior to any cabinets being made. All of these elevations are made for 3cm quartz. By wishing to have a larger edge, all of the cabinets now need to be readjusted.

As you can see, there were a few other little tweaks we needed to make on the island.

Reviewing the fine details

As you can see, there is a lot of work that goes into creating a kitchen design. Ensuring that you go over the fine details – cabinet by cabinet – will ensure that you are getting the kitchen you desire.

Final kitchen rendering – Get It Together

Sheri Bruneau Get It Together


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