The Olympic Bathroom Renovation Choices

The Olympic Bathroom Renovation Choices

When I start working with clients, I like to always try my very best to give them two options for their space.  I have recently started to work with a lovely couple who are looking to renovate their master bathroom and refresh their main bathroom.  I brought in a plumber right away to know exactly how much plumbing could be moved (and what the estimated costs would be to do that).  When I started to work on redesigning the master bathroom, I created two plans and then sat back to look at them.  I had their desired budget in mind but as I looked at the plans I was not getting the feel of ‘Ahhh’.  Two plans and UGH!

In the spirit of the Summer Olympic Games, I decided to create a third plan (thanks to my good friend Dixie Willard for making the connection of 3 plans and the olympics) to provide three bathroom renovation choices.

Olympic Bathroom Renovation Choices: BRONZE

In listening to the wish list of my clients, and knowing their budget for the two bathrooms, the Bronze plan involved the least amount of construction, the least amount of plumbing and electrical work and therefore, it had the lowest budget.

bathroom renovation choices

This option involved getting rid of the massive bath and tile ‘feature’ and switching the bath and the master closet.  It also involved providing one large vanity area with a makeup area in the middle for Mrs. Client.

Olympic Bathroom Renovation Choices: SILVER

This plan involves moving the toilet to the opposite side of the bathroom, keeping the tub in the same area (however the bath would be substantially smaller), a reach in master closer with the addition of two additional tall towers to provide more than enough space for clothes.  This plan also includes a larger shower than they currently have.

bathroom renovation choices

Olympic Bathroom Renovation Choices: GOLD

This plan involves the most construction.  It will provide my clients with a large shower as well as a large master closet.  With this plan, the current linen closet would be made smaller to allow for the expansion of the master closet.  This plan also has the largest vanity area with plenty of room for Mrs. Client to get herself ready in the morning.  Of course, this also happens to be the most expensive option.

bathroom renovation choices

Olympic Bathroom Renovation Choices

While I do not usually provide three plans, this was a case of providing my clients the ability to see the potential of their space.  This past week I presented all three options and have gone over the proposed budgets for each.  Stay tuned to see which option they decided to go with!
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