The Top 2 Stores I Visit For Projects

The Top 2 Stores I Visit For Projects

Seeing that it’s February and it’s a month known for ‘love’, I thought I would spend some time, sharing some great places that I often visit for projects and for clients.  Although there are many places I outsource, the following two stores are ones that I ensure I get to!

Although it is not necessary to purchase new things for projects, there are times when I need just the right something.  Here are my most ‘go-to’ places that I often visit!


Now don’t start cringing!  I can certainly relate to all the screws and gadgets that you can get with an IKEA product (in order to set it up).  TRUST ME!  What I LOVE about this store is that they typically have just what I’m looking for.  A couple of my absolute favourites that I’ve used in multiple projects:


I have used these boxes (that come in a variety of sizes) for bedrooms, family rooms, and offices.  Although black and white are always available and are typically the colours I stick with (as black and white pretty much go with anything), IKEA does change colours with the seasons.   Some pretty cute colours this year that enable items to be contained and neat and tidy.  Prices vary depending on the size however, you can’t go wrong for $4.99 for a 2 pack of boxes that are great for storing CD’s, games, chargers, and $8.99 for a 2 pack that are great for storing newspapers, photos or other memorabilia.

 Kassett Box - RedKassett Box Blue

 Image credit

Here’s an image of the boxes used to contain items in a storage unit.  What was once a messy pile of cords, chargers, etc. is now an organized dream!

Before and After

Another item I’ve used in multiple projects is

HEMNES Shoe cabinet with 2 compartments

Hemnes Shoe Cabinet

Image credit

I am totally in love with this cabinet for a few reasons:

  1. It goes flat up against a wall so no gaps.
  2. Although there are only 2 fold-out drawers, there are actually 4 different places for shoes.  There is a shoe cabinet with 4 fold-out drawers with no drawer as well.
  3. There is a pull out drawer for keys or other items.

From an organizing view, I love this piece because you are limited with space for shoes.  Once the space is full, then decisions need to be made as to what shoes you want in the space!

Hemnes inside1

see how it goes right up against the wall?

I have this exact piece in our mudroom coming off of the garage door.  Our shoe organizer is not a storage unit for all our shoes.  It is a storage for shoes most frequently worn (or that are in season). The only tricky thing is that winter boots don’t fit so well so we don’t put them in (plus they are usually wet).

I also love the pull out drawer.  For my family, that is the key drawer.  Any key that we own is in that drawer.  There isn’t a need to search around the house to find a set of keys.  If I see a set of keys laying around, I just take them and put them in the drawer.  My family has got so used to my little routine they no longer ask where their keys are.  And hey – guess what?  They, for the most part, put their keys away!

Hemnes 2

Image credit

This shoe cabinet is very reasonable at $169.00 and comes in white and black-brown.  The 4 drawer cabinet is $149.00.

4 drawer 4 drawer 2

 Image credit

Great timing it has been for me when I received the latest update blog from Work It Out!  Their latest blog is on Spring preview from IKEA.  Some pretty neat designs (if you need them)!

Spring IKEA

Image credit

 Pier 1 Imports

The hours I can spend in this store alone!  From toss cushions, to table wear to the extra staging accessories.  From their lamps to their chairs and anything in between.  Such unique pieces can always be found.  I think what I truly enjoy is that every time I go into the store, it’s a bit like Christmas.  New products come in all the time!  A few of my favourites:

 Sabine Chair

Sabine Chair

Image credit

This classic chair is regular price $229.95.  This style of chair comes in different fabric as well.  I’m such a fan of black and white as it can be extremely elegant, yet a bit casual as well.  Love, love this chair!

Daffodil Table

Daffodil Table

Image credit

This accent table is great to go along with a chair (like the Sabine Chair above).  It’s regular price is $129.95 and is available in antique white and brown as well.  A great side table that’s just the perfect size!

 Serena Table Lamp

Table Lamp

Image credit

This lamp, or a version of this lamp, can be seen in many decorating photos as well as in many show homes here in Calgary.  It’s a great lamp to go with any decorating scheme!  Regular price is $125.00 (on sale right now for $99.99).

If you have never been to a Pier 1 Imports store, ensure you have plenty of time.  They typically have some kind of sale one and if you are an email subscriber, they have a “Dealy of the Day”.

One Word of Advice

As with any shopping, it is always my advice to know what you need BEFORE you head out shopping.  Stay true to your ‘list’ (and I hope you have one) and do not get sucked into just buying items for the sheer fact they are on sale or are a good deal.  Measure your space, know the vision and function of your space before heading out!

If you need help falling in love with your home or getting it ready to sell,

become a client today!  On-line or In-person.


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