There’s Always A Way

There’s Always A Way

You know the saying,

Failing to Plan

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Sometimes even the best laid plans can run into a curve ball.  That is exactly what happened with me during this basement renovation project.  The plan was as follows:

Floor Plan

The red circle area shows where the Office/Craft area is in this newly renovated basement.  The plan was to have an L-Shape desk with a hutch on the smaller desk.  When the basement was near completion, the measurements were taken, the desk and hutch were designed (by moi) and the drawings were sent to the reclaimed wood furniture store to get a price.  We were going to use reclaimed wood to go with the barn door that was installed between the TV area and the storage area:

Barn Door

Image from Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors and barn door made by Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors

When the estimate came in at just over $5000 my client and I quickly said, “”  So then Ryan (Rocky Mountain Exteriors & Interiors) and I decided we could build it with reclaimed wood.  We priced out the wood and just the supplies were going to be over $2000.  My client and I quickly said again, “”

So we had to come up with a new plan.  Plan C!  Just what the hell was Plan C?

Never Say Never

As I had designed that space it wasn’t like we could just order a joe-blow L-Shape desk and be done.  It was a custom space that required a custom desk.  If you know me, I don’t compromise.  Come hell or high water, there was going to be an L-Shape desk in that space, along with a hutch, that was going to look like reclaimed wood.

I did some research, drew up some plans and Ryan and I met again.  We put the plan into action and got to work.

Step 1

The first step was to find some wood that would be sturdy for a craft table as well as an office/desk.  Ryan found some great wood that already had some markings on it.  Perfect!

Step 2

We took a utility knife to score the wood so that it would look like planks.

score the wood

Step 3

I chose 3 different colour of stains.  This actual staining was quite the process where we had to experiment with the different colourings and techniques to get the look I was hoping for.


The stain I used

craft desk

How the craft desk turned out

Step 4

Since this desk was going to be used in the craft area and the office area, we put two coats of Polycrylic Clear Satin on to protect it. Sealer

staining the hutch

Ryan took this picture while I was working in his shop.  I may have nice nails, but I have no issue with getting down and dirty (my god – look at my dirty jeans)!

Step 5

While we did look at some different legs, there was a look I was going for with this desk that I was not willing to compromise.  We could have easily gotten legs from IKEA however, that was not the look I was going for.   My hubby often says, “What Sheri wants, Sheri gets.” He is so smart isn’t he?  With getting the legs I wanted, we had to wait an extra 2 days for them to be put together.  It was well worth the wait!


This long desk is the ‘craft’ desk.  The legs have not been attached and there will be a middle pedestal leg to ensure there is no bowing in the middle of the table.

The Final Product

I can’t thank Ryan enough for being so patient with me.  I know what’s in my head and it’s not always easy for me to relay that.  He did such a great job on everything.  For the hutch, it was Ryan who came up with the design idea to have 4 smaller areas on the left side.



Here’s Ryan behind the hutch (that will be filling up an entire wall space). Professional photos will be taken this week so you’ll get a chance to see what it looks like in the finished space.

I think it’s safe to say that both Ryan and I are extremely pleased at how this project turned out.  The biggest lesson to take away:  NEVER COMPROMISE!  When you’re spending a large amount of money on a renovation project, do not compromise.  If you have to wait a few days longer for what you want, then do it!  It’s a short term ‘pain’ for a lifelong gain!

I’d love to hear your thoughts on our project so please feel free to comment below.

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