Three Ways to Get Your Home Ready To Sell Without Breaking The Bank

Three Ways to Get Your Home Ready To Sell Without Breaking The Bank

I absolutely enjoy getting called in for a consultation before a home goes on the market!   In fact, it’s one of my favorite things to do.  I get to come into a home, with no strings or emotional ties, and make recommendations and give ideas on how to get the property ready to sell.

I’m not sure how many of you know, but I tend to be a bit frugal.  I don’t like spending money on wasteful items, I rarely will make an impulse purchase, and I always go shopping with a list.  I absolutely detest wasting money on ‘stuff’.  And I totally get how owners are reluctant to spend money of fixing up a home that they plan on selling.

So knowing that I value money (and not just my money), what does it take to get a home ready to sell that won’t break the bank?

 Top to Bottom Clean

A good clean house speaks volumes!  With a top to bottom clean I’m not talking about dusting, vacuuming and mopping the floors.  I’m also talking about:

  • wiping  baseboards
  • washing walls
  • getting the cobwebs from the higher ceilings
  • pulling out appliances (fridge/stove) and cleaning behind there
  • windows washed (inside and out)
  • outside pressure sprayed, etc.

By taking care of these items, you home will sparkle!  Nothing beats the look of pride and ownership and a clean house – WOWZERS!

Fresh Paint

You may love the hot pink main floor powder room – but not everyone will!  Nothing says update like a new coat of paint!  Having your home painted in neutral colour(s) is typically my suggestion.  You can always decorate with colourful accent pieces.

This is an image from Benjamin Moore using the following colours:

Neutral Color

Neutral Paint Color


Using a Caribbean Blue Water colour as an accent colour adds that little pop of colour but doesn’t take over the room.  This allows potential buyers to envision their things in this room.





Less is More

There is nothing that is more of a turn-off for potential buyers to see a home filled with clutter.  Having too many things fitting into one space puts an overload on our system.  Seeing a room that acts like a ‘drop zone’ may indicate that the home does not have enough storage when the fact is, it most likely has sufficient storage.  This particular photo (courtesy of Bethany Britton) shows that what was once a catchall  and dumping ground can look simplified by getting rid of the excess stuff.

Less is More

 Getting your home ready to sell involves some work both mentally and possibly physically.  Mentally, the shift in ‘my home’ to ‘a home’ makes it easier to change things up (like paint colour).  Physically, you may need to do some heavy duty cleaning to get your home in top notch shape.  The fact is, you have one chance to make a first impression so why not WOW the socks of your potential buyers!


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