Tiling a Master Bathroom Shower

Tiling a Master Bathroom Shower

Have you ever thought of tiling, or retiling your shower?  When thinking about tiling a shower, there is actually a lot to think of.

  • What tile would you like to use?
  • What is the look you are going for?
  • What’s it going to look like all put together?
  • And the biggest one for me, how easy is it going to be to clean?

I have clients who are undergoing a major renovation in their villa.  Their renovation is the entire main floor.  Part of the renovation includes the master bathroom.  As a result, a brand new shower is being built and it’s pretty exciting to see it almost ready to be tiled.

The process I took before we started out on our tile shopping excursion was asking my clients what they liked to see in their shower.  They talked about how they have gone into show homes and have seen wonderful master bathroom showers.  They also knew they wanted two niches built in.

Pebble Floor Tile

If you’ve ever walked on a pebble floor in a shower my guess is you are either going to love it or hate it.  I personally love it.  It feels like a foot massage every time you walk in.  I have another client of mine who is now doing her third shower with the pebbles – she loves it that much!  Here is a photo showing a pebble floor:

tiling master shower

Waterfall Tile Effect

To add some character in this space, I asked my clients if they liked the look of a waterfall effect.  There are so many creative ways to make a waterfall effect, like the following:
tiling a master shower
tiling a master shower
tiling a master shower

 Pulling it all together

In the end, we knew we couldn’t do it all.  Since we didn’t want the shower to be too busy, we decided on having no waterfall effect in this shower.  As you can see, if you are not careful, a shower can become way too busy – very fast!

tiling a master shower

Image credit

It took a bit to find the right tile, but we ended up going with this pebble tile for the floor:
tiling a master shower
As my clients wanted 2 niches, we decided to back each niche with the pebbles and tile the remainder of the shower with a 12 X 24 tile:
tiling a master shower
The tile has been ordered, the tiler has been booked for the first full week in September and I can’t wait to see the finished work!
So if you were going to re-do your shower, would you put in a pebble floor?
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