What are cabinet options when updating a kitchen?

updating a kitchen

What are cabinet options when updating a kitchen?

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This past week we started an entire home project that consists of a number of areas that we will be addressing in the home. One of the areas that we will address is the kitchen. So what are the options when you are updating a kitchen?

updating a kitchen

Updating a kitchen

Replace the cabinets

When it comes to updating a kitchen, the most common option is to tear out the old and install new cabinets. When I work with clients who wish to do this, we typically look at the function and in most cases, we end up changing things around.

PRO: You can get an entirely new kitchen layout that is more functional than what was previous. All of the cabinets will be new (including the boxes and the doors). You also will be getting a new counter. This can be in the form of granite, quartz, or other various materials at different price points.

CONS: This is often the most expensive option. As mentioned above, most people look at layout changes which often involves plumbing changes, electrical changes, flooring changes and of course, new appliances. All of those items can really start to add up. This can often also take a bit longer from start to finish.

updating a kitchen
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Painting the Cabinets

If your cabinets are in good shape, and can be painted, this may be a great option for you. A huge transformation can definitely take place!

PRO: Your dated, old cabinets can get a total new look. By painting your cabinets. you do not need to fill up the landfill or having to worry about selling them. In addition, you can carry out some minor updates. Different crown molding can be added prior to being painted. One of my favorite pros is that you can choose any color you want! The image below shows how we had a custom hood fan built to replace the old cabinet and hood fan.

CONS: When cabinets get sprayed, it stinks And when I say it stinks, it stinks! For the most part, you really should not be in the home while this is being done. This can be anywhere from 3 – 5 days. In addition to the smell, there is a lot of prep work that has to be done prior to spraying. That means that having your cabinets sprayed can take longer than having brand new cabinets installed. In addition, you need to be aware that paint can eventually chip. While painters do a very good job in prepping the cabinets, it is just paint.

updating a kitchen
Good bye honey oak. This kitchen was sprayed with Benjamin Moore Mascarpone.

Refacing Cabinets

Refacing means that the cabinet doors and all gables (and anything else that is on the outside) will be replaced. A laminate or veneer is used on the cabinet boxes to match the new doors.

PROS: Refacing is where you have the opportunity to totally change the look of your cabinet fronts. Most clients will choose a totally different look for the cabinet fronts (going from a dated profile to a more streamlined look). Another pro is that an entire kitchen can take about one week from start to finish. Since there are no changes to the layout, there is no need for any flooring repairs. By having cabinets refaced, you also have the opportunity to add extra cabinets (if needed) and adapt cabinets if necessary.

CONS: While there are many pros, one con is that you only have a certain number of choices for colors as well as the style of doors. You know what a stickler I am about using the right color – especially white!

updating a kitchen

How are we going to be updating this kitchen?

While this entire blog is about options when updating kitchen cabinets, it really is important to understand the lifestyle that my clients have. We discussed hopes, dreams, and wishes for their space. Here are some key points that came out during our discovery stage.

  1. The existing kitchen layout was working just fine.
  2. Their family of three enjoy the raised eating area and did not wish to change that.
  3. There are three cats that are also part of this family. Take a peek at where at least one, likes to sit.

updating a kitchen
Any guesses as to how this little one got up there?

After reviewing the three options, we have decided to go with having the kitchen and all bath vanities refaced. There really is no need to rip of good cabinets and painting them was never going to be an option (with the cats climbing up to the top). While the cabinets are being refaced, we are also going to be installing new quartz counters. The entire process will take one week from start to finish to re-face this kitchen. I can’t wait to show you how this has all transformed!

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