VA – Why Use One?

VA – Why Use One?

So, do you want to know why your business should use a VA?  Well, for the past 3 hours I was able to create and complete a brochure as well as work on a presentation for a new client.  Here’s the bonus for my client:

1. My new client does not have to create an office space for me.

2. My new client does not have to ensure I have the necessary equipment (technology) to do my job.

3. My client pays for the work done!  Plain and simple.

Oh, did I mention my client doesn’t even live in the same city as me?  How amazing is that?

Hiring a VA can sometimes be a worry – especially if you have never hired one before.  However, once you have used one I guarantee you will use one again!  Here are just a few examples of what I have done as a VA:

  • create  monthly newsletters (for a variety of businesses)
  • create presentations (in a variety of formats)
  • update website
  • research for a variety of items
  • purchasing office supplies
  • create business Facebook Pages
  • start clients on Twitter
  • Create a Linked In account
  • streamline Social Media
  • word processing

The list goes on and on, as do the benefits!  One thing you definitely need to know – VA’s are efficient, reliable and typically task-oriented individuals that get the job done!  What more could you ask for?

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