Warning: You’re Losing Money When You Don’t Use Safe Colours

Warning: You’re Losing Money When You Don’t Use Safe Colours

When I get called in to assist a real estate agent in helping get their clients home ready to sell, I consider it a real privilege.  People are opening up their homes to virtually, a total stranger.

As I’m looking over all of my consultation reports, I see a common theme.  The theme of paint.  Whether it’s exterior paint or interior paint, it is typically something that comes up!

This month I am sharing some of my favorite organizing and staging products.  When it comes to paint, my favorite ‘brand’ is Benjamin Moore!  I’m a firm believer in ‘you pay for what you get’ and I have never had any issues with any Benjamin Moore products!

So when it comes to staging a home to sell I typically suggest neutral paint colours.  WHY?  Everyone has different tastes.  What you may think is an absolute gorgeous colour, others may be so turned off by it they will not be able to see past it.   If my husband and I were to walk into an open house and see this:

Purple living room

 Image credit

My husband would not be able to see past it.  He would not be able to envision what it might look like with a different colour.  We would most likely leave and not come back (and certainly not make an offer).  A decision on paint colour could cost you a sale!  However, if we were to walk into a home like this:

Soft purple bedroomImage credit

my husband would be able to see past the subtle purple.  By The Way: I LOVE the look of this room – that’s why it’s the feature image 😉 !

Using neutral colours allows you to accessories with colour and still have the look you desire.  A few of my favorite neutral colours to stage a home are:

 Benjamin Moore Revere Pewter

Revere PewterAlthough this is considered a gray, this particular colour has a very soft warm undertone.   With the soft green undertone,  it appears warmer than most grays that have more of a blue, purple or green undertone.

Revere Pewter looks lovely in:

  • Homes that have dark wood flooring or cabinets
  • Bathrooms
  • South facing bedrooms that tend to have a lot of natural light
  • Hallways

Some great accent colour to go with Rever Pewter are:

  • Soft Blues
  • Soft yellow
  • Crisp white
  • Black


Image credit

Dining Room

 Image credit

Benjamin Moore Muslin

BM MuslinThis colour is not really a cream, or a tan, or a gray.  It’s kind-of right in the middle.  Although it’s not flashy, it definitely is a ‘safe’ colour.

Because this is such a ‘safe’ colour works great in any room.

Some great accent colours to go with Muslin are:

  • Dark brown (wood)
  • Green
  • creams

Dining Room

Image credit

 Living Room

Image credit

Benjamin Moore Sandy Hook Gray

BM Sandy HookThis is actually one of the ‘darker’ colours  that I still considered ‘safe’.  This has  a green undertone.  As it’s a little darker, this is better used in smaller amounts (such as bathrooms or bedrooms)

This colour does not necessarily go well with a home that has a lot of wood (flooring/cabinets/furniture) so keep that in mind.
Some great accent colours to go with Sandy Hook Gray:

  • Silver
  • Creams
  • Dark gray
  • Gold

Sandy Hook bedroom

Image credit

Sandy Hook Dark Bedroom

 Image credit

 Sandy Hook Gold

Image credit

While some people may not always agree with safe wall colours, my thinking is you can always add colour with your accents and decorating!

Here’s to safe choices and selling your home quickly!

If you would like fall in love with your home every time you walk through the front door become a client today!

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