I’m so glad you’ve stopped by.  Here’s my story by me, Sheri Bruneau.


I’ve had quite the ride these past ten years.  10 years ago I left a profession that I thought I would always be in.  That’s right.  When I graduated from grade twelve I went straight to the University of Calgary to get my Bachelor’s of Education (B.Ed) degree.  I knew that I loved children and that I loved teaching.  While working seventeen years in the education field, I became frustrated at a variety of things in the profession – which I won’t go into here!  If you’d like to know my true thoughts, let’s grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine!

My Journey

I’ve always loved to be organized.  My family tells me it’s a control issue that I have.  I say organized, they say control.   So when I left the teaching profession I started this business as strictly a Professional Organizing business. What I’ve learned along the way is that although I love to be organized, I don’t necessarily love to organize people.  Yup – that’s right.  I’ve helped numerous clients get organized and yet I still felt something was missing.  I know what bothered me the most was knowing that I somehow was not making a real difference.  You see, when it comes to organizing, you have to be ready.  Ready to change what hasn’t been working (routines, structure, habits).  Deep down I knew that when I left, most likely the space was going to be a mess within a year.  For some clients I know I made a difference for them.  Those were the clients that were ready.  BUT – there were too many clients who really weren’t ready (and may never be ready). I hated knowing that they had spent money and really had wasted it.   If you know me well, there’s one thing I detest: wasting money!

Along with my journey through organizing, I have worked with many great Real Estate Agents.  In doing so, I’ve helped their clients get their homes ready to sell.  Ahhh…now this was exciting and rewarding.  In a short timeframe to see a home go from ‘Meh’ to ‘WOW’ – it sometimes gave me chills to see the transitions!


Fast forward to today.  The real estate industry fascinates me like nothing else.  It’s so amazing that you can take a property that is just so-so to a property that is absolutely stunning!  Whether there are small changes or big changes to be made – it’s like a home getting a total makeover!  While I still enjoy getting homes ready to sell, I also love getting homes ready to live in.  When I have clients who loved what I did to get their homes ready to sell and now want me to set up their new home – that just means the world to me!  From working with small renovation projects to larger, entire home renovations, I eat this stuff up!  Being involved in the process, learning along the way, working with fabulous suppliers and contractors…there is nothing better than that!

When we purchase a home, it is most likely the biggest investment we will make.  I know I personally haven’t bought anything as expensive as our house!   My goal is to have all my clients in love with their homes.  If we’re spending hundreds and thousands of dollars on a home, I believe you should love coming home!

Life Long Learner

The older I get, the more I want to learn!  There are times when I feel my brain and head are full, but that doesn’t seem to last very long.  Since leaving the teaching profession, I have enjoyed learning all about interior design, running a design business and continue to have a love for learning.  I continue to stretch myself to learn more and more about design and the real estate business.  This truly is a fascinating business!

What I Bring To The Table


I’m an organized person.  I have a saying that I ‘G.S.D.’ (get shit done).  Plain and simple.  Loving logistics that are involved in a renovation, I bring efficiency and effectiveness to your project.   With an eye for details, I am able to proactively plan your entire renovation ensuring that no item, no matter how small, is missed.

The Real Me

If you’ve read my blog, you’ll get to know me pretty quick.  I find that through blogging I have found my true voice.  When I first started to blog I still felt like a teacher.  Everyone is great, everything is fantastic…and that just isn’t true all the time.  We all have our strengths and we all have our weaknesses (see why I’m no longer a teacher 😉   My real personality is to tell it like it is.  Sometimes the truth hurts, but I believe it’s important to be truthful.  So, this is a disclaimer: I’m not proud of it, but I do occasionally swear (as you see above).  I tell the truth and I’m honest so if something looks like shit, I’m going to tell you (but trust me, I’ll tell you in the sweetest voice ever)!

I also don’t let roadblocks stop me.  So if there’s a way to get my client exactly what they want, I’ll investigate and exhaust every single avenue to make it happen!

One of my clients wrote the following,

“Sheri helped with space planning, material selection, paint colour and much more. We had difficulty finding a desk that would fit our vision for the office space so Sheri took matters into her own hands and constructed a beautiful work space ( with the help of our contractor). Who does that!”

Moving Forward

I continue to improve my skills and learn.  I continually:

  • Take a variety of courses and training.

Over the past ten years, I’ve had numerous highlights including:

  • Being chosen by Modenus to attend the Kitchen and Bath Industry Show (KBIS) in 2018 as part of their blog tour.
  •  Obtaining my Trained Professional Organizer Certificate, POC.
  • Being nominated for the RBC Canadian Women Entrepreneur Award.
  • Obtaining my certification as a Professional Stager through the International Staging and Redesign School.
  • Receiving my True Color Expert™ Certification in Vancouver.
  • Completed a Renovate With Confidence course
  • Received my Certificate of Interior Design through the New York Institute of Art + Design.

Behind the Scenes

I love spending time with my husband who makes me laugh every day!  This August, we will celebrate being married 26 years!  Our perfect getaway is in Maui where we spend the mornings walking on the beach and where my toes can touch the sand! There’s nothing more calming and relaxing than waking up to do yoga on the beach and walking every day where our toes can touch the sand and the ocean and you feel the warmth of the sun.  You can say that I am truly a beach girl!

I have two adult children.  Brady has graduated college and is now ‘adulting’ with a full-time job.   My daughter Abby graduated her post-secondary schooling here in Calgary and is a full-time Legal Assistant.  She will be heading back to school in the fall to complete her degree so that she can start law school.

I love spending time with my friends – whether it’s with my book club (proud member for just over ten years), with my group of friends in Yoga, or just hanging out with friends enjoying a beverage (red wine or Michelob ULTRA preferred), playing games and laughing (and I will admit – I snort when I laugh).

I hope this gives you an idea of who I am and what I’m like.  Take a peek at my testimonial page to see what others are saying about me (because it’s all so nice).  I’d love for us to work together and have you fall in love with your home!

~May you find peace and calm in your spaces ~

Sheri Bruneau Get It Together

When it comes to renovations and work done in your home, you just can not afford to make a mistake!