What does it cost to renovate a main bathroom?

cost to renovate a main bathroom

What does it cost to renovate a main bathroom?

What exactly does it cost to renovate a main bathroom? I get asked this question a lot! And while there are many variables that go into a project, I’m going to break things down and simplify things for this blog. For this blog’s purpose, we are not going to be moving anything. No walls, no plumbing, and no electricity.

We’ll basically be looking at an average sized main bathroom that looks something like this.

costs to renovate a main bathroom
‘Standard’ Main bathroom with tub/shower combination, toilet, and vanity.


When it comes to picking out pretty for a main bathroom, there are actually a lot of items on the shopping list.

  • Flooring
  • Vanity
  • Cabinet hardware
  • Counter
  • Sink
  • Faucet
  • Clicker drain
  • Mirror
  • Lighting
  • Towel holder
  • Tile for bath/shower walls
  • Shower faucet/valve/trim
  • Bathtub
  • Toilet
  • Paper holder
  • Shower Rod
  • Shower Curtain
  • Decor (towels, art, etc.)

Did you realize all of the items that are needed and add to the cost to renovate a main bathroom? I though it would be fun to pull together a ‘ready made’ look to showcase the products that could be used to pull this space together. I have also included a total cost to renovate a main bathroom which you will see below.

For these examples, everything can be sourced online and we are using a 60″ long bath and a 36″ vanity.

All Available Online

Everything below was sourced from Wayfair! Yes – you read that right. When working with local clients, I like to use our local suppliers and rarely will shop online. When I work with clients living in a different city or country, shopping online is a great way to pull together a look.

costs to renovate a main bathroom
Main Bath Renovation | Readily sourced products from Wayfair

When you total up all of the above products, it comes to just over $3500.00. Please note, the above total does not include labour.

Where I live, the labour typically comes in at 2/3 of the cost of product numbers (as a general guideline assuming you will do none of the work yourself). If you take that rough formula into account, then this bathroom with the above products, would cost the following:

  • Product: $3,500.00 as shown above
  • Labour: $10,500.00 This includes demo, rough in plumbing, rough in electrical, drywall, flooring prep, tile setter, painter, installs (cabinet, mirror, all hanging), millwork, final plumbing, final electrical, and a final clean.
  • Total: $14,000.00 + tax

Shop the Look

The items below contain affiliate links. Any purchases, at no additional charge to you, are most appreciated and make this blog possible.

Cost to renovate a Main Bathroom

When it comes to the cost to renovate a main bathroom, there are always choices. Is the main bathroom going to be a simple out with the old and in with the new? For most main bathrooms, this is the case as the footprint is limited.

Where can costs rise?

There are a few areas where you may have to pay a bit more.

  • Floating vanity – This will always cost more when replacing a current vanity that sits on the floor. Why? A floating vanity typically means more pluming, a more expensive faucet, more floor prep, and more floor product.
  • Plumbing selections – I find there are four levels for plumbing. Bronze, silver, gold, and platinum. While one could spend $100 on a sink faucet, one could also easily spend $850 on a faucet. Choices – right?
  • Vanity – Pull out drawers are always more expensive than regular doors. Period. The more bells and whistles you wish (organizers, etc.), the more expensive the vanity will be.

cost to renovate a main bathroom
Costs to renovate a main bathroom | Sheri Bruneau, Designer

When we renovated our main bathroom, we kept everything the same and decided to install a custom, floating vanity. I also had the sink faucet come out from the wall. To renovate our main bathroom, four years ago, the total cost was just over $20,000.

I hope this blog gives you an idea of the costs to renovate a main bathroom and some factors to consider. While we all wish we could renovate a main bathroom for under $5,000, I have yet to be able to pull it off. I would love to hear if you have gone through a main bath renovation if our costs in Calgary are far off from where you live.

Looking to renovate or remodel your main bathroom but need a little, or a lot of help? CLICK HERE to contact us to either work virtually, or in person, to create a new space for your home.


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