What To Do With All The Artwork (and paper)

What To Do With All The Artwork (and paper)

If you have kids already in school you will know that especially in the primary grades, a ton of paperwork comes home. Those cute little art projects seem to multiply like rabbits! So what’s a person to do with all the art?

Many clients I work with do not wish to throw out the art that was obviously made with love, but on the other hand, it’s hard to keep it all. I’ve spent some time investigating different and creative ways to showcase all the artwork.

Showcasing the Art

We always had a spot in our home to showcase the latest and greatest. Although it was a small area (my family is – shall we say – not very artsy), we always displayed the work.

Easy Change Artwork Frames

These are a great way to change out the art without having to take down the frame every single time. Each one has a deep compartment to store approximately 50 more pictures!

Display Artwork

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If you have a space for this in your home, it’s a really easy way to display art. Adding a cute quote is a way to really make the art a true art wall!

Clothesline Art

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Have multiple kids? Using an IKEA shower curtain rod and clips will also work!

Shower Curtain Rod for Art

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Go Digital

For someone like me who likes to have as little paper as possible, this is one of my favorite options. First, it allows you to save your child’s artwork without having to save the actual product AND you have the option of changing that artwork into a book or other gifts.   Artkive is also very simple:

  1. Create an account and add the first names and grades of your children
  2. Take photos of their artwork or upload from your camera roll
  3. Tag your photo with the child’s name, grade, date, and title
  4. Share with family and friends or turn your Artkive into a book or other great products.


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More  Than Just Art

File Boxes

This tends to be a more traditional way to keep organized with artwork and paper.   Jen, from has a great blog post on how to set one up. You can find her post here.

As I have had one child graduate and my other one going into grade twelve, you will notice the amount of paperwork coming home drastically drop off the older they get. The great thing about keeping paperwork in a file box is that you are limited with your space. While you won’t be able to keep everything, you will be able to keep a variety of sizes of paper.

School Paperwork Organizing

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In the end, it is impossible to keep every piece of paper that comes home from school. And trust me, I’ve worked with clients who have had multiple storage bins full of their kids artwork and eventually, they’ve had to deal with everything that’s inside. It’s way easier to have a plan and a system than to sift through years of work and make decisions.

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