What Type Are You?

What Type Are You?

It’s time to come clean and be honest: I admit that I am not always organized 100% of the time.  There, I said it!

Things happen, schedules become hectic and before you know it, things are disorganized.   All of us, at some point in our lives, may find that we are disorganized.  Even myself!  What I often come across are individuals who think that because they have a little bit of a mess or an unorganized area(s), they automatically think they are hoarders. The word ‘hoarding’ is over-used (in my opinion).  In fact, there are actually 3 types of disorganization that are recognized by the Professional Organizing Industry: Situational Disorganization, Chronic Disorganization, and Hoarding.  Some of the definitions below are excerpts from Melody Granger.

Situational Disorganization

This is where disorganization is caused by a planned or unplanned situation.  Some examples may be:  a new career, divorce, relocating, natural disasters, death, illness, marriage, job loss, adult children moving out, caring for aging parents, new friends, learning/educating yourself on new things…and more, can disrupt your life.  The disruption may be challenging, depressing, or stressful.  Or the change may be exciting, inspiring and give you motivation to embrace it fully.

In most cases, a person who is situationally disorganized can gain back control of their home.  They have had things orderly before and don’t usually have a big problem de-cluttering.

Chronic Disorganization

Chronic disorganization is a person who attempts and attempts and attempts to get organized, but their self-help efforts are not working.  They often foresee a future of always being disorganized.

This type of long-term disorganization affects their quality of life. A chronically disorganized person may have multiple areas in the home that can not be used for it’s intended purpose because they can not seem to come up with a system or routine that they stick with to maintain these areas.  Disorganization becomes a way of life they tolerate.


Thanks to the show(s) on T.V., most of us know what a hoarding situation looks like.  A quick question Melody asks is: How many of your doors can you fully open in your home?  How many do not fully open?  Do you do the following:

  • Throw away the trash?
  • Collect closets full of plastic storage bowls that come from food products?
  • Can you walk through the majority of your home without fear of tripping?
  • Do you have a rodent or bug problem that is out of control?

If you answered yes to some of the above, you may just be a hoarder.

We all know that life is busy and for whatever reason, it seems to get busier and busier.  Knowing that though, can not be an excuse for being disorganized. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not saying you have to be organized 100% of the time  – how can I say when I know I can’t be.  What I am saying is that you have choices.  You can choose to ignore the situation (and it will still be there in the morning) or you can choose to tackle it head on.  It’s your choice!

I know for myself, the older I get the less I want.  Don’t get me wrong, I love things.  I love family holidays, I love a beautiful watch or bracelet (or two).  But I also have come to realize that less really is more.




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