What’s Your Favorite Mood?

What’s Your Favorite Mood?

As I mentioned in my last post, I’m having a difficult time deciding on what colour to go with our new kitchen cabinets for our renovation.

If I go with the white cabinets, our entire home’s foundation palette will be an off-white.  If I go with the cream cabinets, our entire home’s foundation palette will be cream.  To make things easier on myself I’ve created two mood boards in an effort to help make the decision.  I am using a picture frame in my home as an inspirational piece.  The frame has the most beautiful picture – a picture of one of the beaches we walk when we’re in Maui.  I am so drawn to the colours in the picture frame that I actually have three similar but different frames like that in my home.  You’ll see one of them below.


Off white foundation palette

Off-White Pallet


Slide3Cream Palette1

Although these are not solidified, especially the accent colors, it allows me to see how things will look when they’re pulled together.  My goal for my kitchen and my entire home is to be timeless.  While some people may look at my choices and think: B-O-R-I-N-G, it can be BUT IT WON’T!  Adding in my accent colours through decor items will allow me to change things up throughout the seasons.

So – if you were to chose one or the other, which one would it be?  I’d love to hear your thoughts!

When it comes to renovations and work done in your home, you just can not afford to make a mistake!  Send me an email to discuss your home.

One of the biggest investments one can make is the investment of a home and I believe you should LOVE coming home.

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