Who’s The Boss In Your Home?

Who’s The Boss In Your Home?

If you’ve been following my blog, you will know that we’ve been working on a couple of renovation projects. One renovation project was a total ‘gut’ however the current one we are working on is working around some fixed elements that were not going to be leaving the home. Even though I’d love to think of myself as the boss, those fixed elements were, and are, the boss.

The Discovery

When you’re looking to update your home, it is really important to go through and determine what is going to stay and what is going to go. In this home, the white kitchen and the black granite were not going anywhere. Those two elements became the boss of the house.

Kitchen before renovationImage credit – Get It Together (before picture)

The Plan

When we talked with our clients about their vision for their home, they really liked the warm, earthy feel of the browns. Hmmm…how to bring in white and black with brown? Not an easy task as brown is ‘earthy’ and black and white are more ‘cool’. Our original plan included Taupe colours that would work with what we were going to do with the rest of the home.


Image credit – Get It Together

These are very earthy tones that would still work with the black and white. When we presented this colour scheme (and everything else that went with it including flooring, lighting, backsplash, etc.), we were asked to come up with a different plan that would make a bigger renovation impact. Our clients were looking for more of a change (knowing that we could not use gray as that was on the list of ‘hates’). We came back with the following:

KPC Family

Image credit – Get It Together

With this scheme, we chose a green-gray undertone to work with the black and white kitchen – remembering those two are the boss of this renovation. Once the paint colours were decided, we could then choose a backsplash that would work with the black granite and the wall colour. Even though the kitchen is a true white, we chose to do the trim work in BM Cloud White (CC-40/967), which is considered an off white. Why? In order for our clients to get that more ‘earthy’ feel, we chose to ignore the rule of kitchen cabinets and trim work being the same colour. If we went with the trim work being a true white, something like Benjamin Moore Chantilly Lace (OC-65), it would not work with the paint colours. We would be mixing clean colours with dirty colours (which is what our clients were getting away from).   Are you seeing how the kitchen cabinets and counters are the boss?

Making It Work

In another client’s home where I did a colour consult, they had existing oak cabinets and had recently installed black, leathered granite. They were looking for help in choosing wall colours for the majority of their home, as well as backsplash tile for their kitchen. Since their cabinets read on the orange side, we chose a colour that was much lighter and fresher than what they currently had (that actually had a yellow undertone paint colour).

Colour Consult BHFamilyImage credit – Get It Together

And here is the backsplash that they ended up going with:

BH Backsplash

Image credit – Get It Together

Their backsplash has just a hint of rust that really picks up their kitchen cabinets. I can’t wait to see the entire kitchen finished!

Do you have any bossy elements in your home?

 Wishing to fall in love with your home,

see how we can help!


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