Working from home: How to keep the Focus

working from home

Working from home: How to keep the Focus

How many of you are still working from home? For my own home situation, the Mister goes into the office on Monday and Friday (his assigned days) and then Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday he works from home. I have always had a home office and have loved it. That is until other people in my family invaded my space.

Keep the Focus

When I have the house to myself, I never have to think about keeping focus. When I’m in my office, I have my trusty to-do list(s), my plan of the morning/afternoon/day, and I tackle my list like a ninja! I take my breaks and follow the Pomodoro Technique of working. It helps me get things done while still maintaining productivity.

Working From Home

I know for me, there is more than just the Pomodoro Technique of helping me focus. Here are a few of my roundups to assist me in maintaining focus and keeping my productivity up!

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I typically only have one cup of coffee in the morning, but I know there are going to be days where one will simply not be enough. Daylight is shorter and we still need to be productive. Why not have some quality coffee (made at your own home) in a pretty mug!


Nothing says time like a great watch! The Thümm & Co. has a perfect balance of leather, stainless steel, and a pop of colour!

There’s no better way to watch how your time is spent (see what I did there???). The bonus is that it can be an office tool that looks fantastic! Who doesn’t want time on their side?


I’m not a huge scent person. Perfume and cologne often will give me a headache. It was my daughter who introduced me to a diffuser. And now, my office would be bare without one!

Keep Calm and Stay Focused

As we enter into the winter months, as the days become shorter, and we continue to be working from home, let’s all just remember to keep calm and stay focus! Or is it Keep calm and social distance? I just can’t keep up anymore!

Sheri Bruneau


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