Year In Review 2019 – Kitchens, bathrooms, and more

Year In Review 2019 – Kitchens, bathrooms, and more

I always love this time of year as I take time to compile my Year in Review 2019. I feel very blessed that I get to work with amazing clients who put their trust in me to create new space(s) for them.

Looking back at the numerous kitchens, baths, basements, and living spaces I have designed, I love seeing the spaces take shape right before my eyes.

As we offer design and build, I get to see many of my design projects start and finish. I love using Facebook and Instagram (I’m still getting used to it) to give live updates. If you wish to follow along on all of the progress, I’d love for you to join me over there!

I also have clients who request design only, as they wish to carry out their own renovation. For those projects, I occasionally hear how things went and get to see some finished spaces. And boy, do I love hearing and seeing how those went!

Whether you just need the design or are wishing for the whole package, I love helping people out!

While there are a lot of my projects not in this video (there are just too many to put in), I thank all of you who trusted me with your home.

Year In Review 2019

As you can see, it’s been a very busy year and there are many projects that are already booked for 2020!

I thought this would be a great time to also give you a little peek inside my workbag. I carry (our should I say LUG) this thing around every day. Some may think I have the kitchen sink in it but I really have a few key tools that I just couldn’t do without!

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Of course, I need a great bag. Something that will carry my laptop and all my other crap – yet still look stylish!

Year in Review 2019

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OK, don’t laugh at me, but I really love a beefy measuring tape. I have a manual one as well as a digital one. I use them almost every day so I need great ones that will last a long time.

year in review 2019

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As I tend to be in my car a lot, I ensure that I have a water bottle with me at all times. Nothing worse than being thirsty all day!

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One last item that you’ll find me with every day is my clutch. If I have to run into a store, I certainly don’t wish to lug in my big work bag. I love, love, love my clutches!

Year in review 2019

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As we find 2019 winding down, I wish you a very Happy New Year!

Sheri Bruneau

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