You’re Baeumler Approved: So what?

You’re Baeumler Approved: So what?

My very good friend and colleague in Burlington Ontario, Claire Jefford with Creating Contrasting Designs introduce me to the Baeumler Approved program.  So what does it really mean for me to be Baeumler Approved.

Baeumler Approved: Who is Bryan Baeumler?

In Canada, Bryan is a pretty big television personality.  His shows on HGTV include:

  • Home to Win
  • House of Bryan
  • Leave it to Bryan
  • Disaster DIY
  • Canada’s Handyman Challenge

to name a few.

Baeumler approved

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One thing to note, Bryan is not an actor like on some of the DIY shows.  While Bryan is funny and clearly has a sense of humour, he has the construction credentials to back up what he is doing.  Click here to read more about Bryan.

Baeumler Approved: The Process

I took some time to talk with Claire about her experience with Baeumler Approved and after hearing all of the pros, I took the step to apply.  And yes, it is an application process.  The following is straight from the Baeumler Approved website:

Baeumler Approved members must demonstrate a verifiable history of quality work and customer satisfaction. Applicants are subjected to our screening process.

  • Customer Feedback: We speak directly with previous clients to get a sense of quality of work, level of service, pricing, follow up, and communication.
  • Collaborating Trades: We speak with other companies that our applicants have collaborated with to ensure safety compliance, quality of work, and communication demonstrated on the job-site.
  • Online: We establish a complete on-line history of referrals, testimonials and complaints lodged against potential members.
  • Insurance: All Baeumler Approved members must have active liability insurance coverage of at least $1,000,000.
  • Workers compensation: All Baeumler Approved members must confirm Workers compensation coverage.
  • Professional Certifications: Where required, Baeumler Approved members must provide evidence of professional certifications (Master Plumber, Master Electrician etc….).

So you see, it’s just not a simple apply, pay and you’re in.

Baeumler Approved: What it means for me

I am super excited to be associated with such a great organization.  Not only that, as of today, I am the only Interior Design Professional that is Baeumler Approved in Calgary!

Baeumler approved

While I have never met Bryan in person, he comes across as a truly a compassionate person and is extremely knowledgable.  He has built his brand to include a number of companies and as a small business owner, I’m in awe of what he has created (along with his wife Sarah).

I am a true believer in surrounding yourself with good and I feel that I’m doing just that!
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